Joining Lab

Thank you for your interests in Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of University of Tsukuba.

If you have interests in joining our lab to work on wearable robots, humanoid robotics, human-robot interaction, affective computing, music and sound processing, and/or machine learning, please read the following sections carefully. Also please email the lab director at , including a short CV and a brief description about your research interests. Before sending email, please have a look at our research topics, and publications.



Our lab seeks creative and team-oriented postdocs. The researchers possess varied skills in engineering systems, computer science, robotics and electrical / mechanical engineering.

Well-qualified externally funded postdocs are always welcome. Regarding the fund source for posdocs who want to work in Japan, see JSPS postdoc (JSPS Postdoctoral fellowship for foreign researchers) website. There are standard (usually two years) and short-term (a few months) fellowships.

Also postdoctoral Research Fellow positions is available within the JST CREST-funded project "Social Imaging." Exploring new technologies for supporting the development of children with special needs, in particular, autism spectrum disorders. We aim to establish social imaging technology for measuring and modeling social interaction among people. In this study, by applying wearable and mixed reality technologies, we will create an environment where we can support facilitate creative activities and social interaction among children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders.


PhD / Graduate Studies in our Lab

Our lab accepts applications for graduate admission through the University of Tsukuba admissions process. Please do not hesitate to contact the lab director if you apply for our lab from an accredited college, an advanced course at a junior college, technical college, or granted bachelor's degree from the National Institution for Academic Degrees. There is also a short-term study program (less than one-year).

Especially, appricants who are have very strong potential for pursuing research at doctoral level are welcome. Please consider to apply for The Monbusho (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship. This is a unique scholarship offered by the Japanese Government. For any information about the scholarship, please contact your local Japanese Embassy or lab director.

Also, in the Empowerment Informatics Program, applications are invited for research assistant positions (fully-funded PhD studentships), which cover tuition fees and living costs, who have (or expect to obtain) a Bachelor/Master’s degree or equivalent in a relevant subject. We offer a supportive environment for individuals to work towards PhD, DEng qualifications. The successful candidates should be keen on their assignments, attend to their academic duties.

Interested students should contact the lab director via email. You can also check the International Student Center at University of Tsukuba.
Website: http://www.intersc.tsukuba.ac.jp/


Short-term Visiting or Internship

Our lab accepts a few students for the internship training, in particular for the short-term stay (3-6 months). Please do not hesitate to contact the lab director if you apply for our lab from an accredited college, an advanced course at a junior college.

Undergraduate Studies

Our lab has open for talented U.T. undergraduates from the College of Engineering Systems, and other Colleges of University of Tsukuba. Please see the details for available positions and application procedures in the College of Engineering Systems.